Traffic Tickets

Did you get a traffic ticket? Before you give in and just pay the traffic ticket online, contact our experienced Houston traffic ticket attorneys to save you money, protect your driving record and save you from spending valuable time sitting at the courthouse. Many people are unaware that paying a traffic ticket is admitting guilt and could subject you to high fees and points on your license. These are just some of the reasons why you may want to fight your ticket and the best way to do that is by hiring a Houston traffic ticket attorney who is knowledgeable about the law and court procedures.

Some of the primary concerns people have when they get a traffic ticket are:

  • Will my insurance go up?
  • Will I get points on my driver’s license?
  • Will I have to go to Court and what will happen when I get there?

To many, getting a traffic ticket is just an unfortunate part of driving on Houston roads. However, a traffic ticket is viewed as a violation of the law, and it can unfortunately haunt you for years if it is added to your driving record. You do not have to decide whether to fight a traffic ticket without the benefit of legal representation. At Leeds Law Firm, our experienced Houston traffic ticket lawyers can represent you in court for moving violations, failure to appear warrants, “no insurance” violations, high speed violations and red-light tickets.

What can Happen if I get Points on My License Because of a Traffic Ticket

According to the Texas Department of Public Safety points are assessed for Texas moving violation convictions:

  • 2 points for a conviction,
  • 3 points for a conviction that resulted in a crash.
  • 1-point surcharge annually if you have 6 or more points on you driving record. (The surcharge is $100 automatically and an additional $25.00 for each point over 6 on your record).

Additionally, if you receive too many moving violations within a one-year period, your license can be suspended and you will be unable to legally drive.

Why Hire an Experienced Houston Traffic Ticket Attorney?

As you can see, a traffic ticket can result in expense and taint your driving record for years making car insurance even more experience. Even a simple traffic stop can turn into a serious event and result in serious consequences including hundreds of dollars in court costs, fees and fines as well as the possibility of losing your driver’s license all together.

The experienced traffic ticket defense lawyers at Leeds Law Firm can fight to make sure that you get the best possible outcome and even can get a moving violation dismissed with absolutely no points on your driving record in some cases. Like with any event that can have serious and lingering consequences, make sure that you at least put up the best fight possible. The best way to do that when faced with a traffic violation is to hire an experienced Houston traffic ticket attorney to fight for you. Most people who are faced with traffic tickets are not used to be in a courtroom setting. You do not want to defend yourself alone in this situation. If you call Leeds Law Firm to assist you with your traffic ticket, we will be able to tell you right away what we can do to help you, what the potential outcome may be (best and worst case scenarios), and what it will cost you to have legal representation and get the matter resolved.

Before you just pay a traffic ticket to “get it over with” remember, multiple traffic violations can result in a suspended license in some cases and raise your insurance thousands of dollars over the years that points stay on your driving record. Before your ability to commute to and from work, home and school is revoked or it becomes too expense for you to stay on the road, take action and hire an experienced Houston traffic ticket defense lawyer immediately. Don’t wait or hesitate to call an attorney.

Leeds Law Firm offers free quotes and can tell you what to expect within minutes. If you received a traffic ticket for an accident, speeding, possession of drugs, failure to appear warrants, running a red light, no insurance, open containers, invalid driver’s license, or commercial truck tickets, call us now 713-492-2906 for a free consultation to discuss your case.

We handle all traffic ticket violations at the following locations:

  • Bellaire Municipal Court
  • Brazoria County Justice of the Peace Courts 2-1, 3-2, 4-1
  • Bunker Hill Village Municipal Court
  • Conroe Municipal Court
  • Deer Park Municipal Court
  • Fort Bend Justice of the Peace Courts (all courts)
  • Galveston County Justice of the Peace Court Precinct 4
  • Harris County Justice of the Peace Courts (all courts)
  • Houston Municipal Court (all courts)
  • Humble Municipal Courts
  • Jacinto City Municipal Court
  • Jersey Village Municipal Court
  • Katy Municipal Court
  • La Porte Municipal Court
  • Meadows Place Municipal Court
  • Missouri City Municipal Court
  • Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Courts (all courts)
  • Oak Ridge North Municipal Court
  • Panorama Village Municipal Court
  • Pasadena Municipal Court
  • Pearland Municipal Court
  • Shenandoah Municipal Court
  • Splendora Municipal Court
  • Stafford Municipal Court
  • Sugar Land Municipal Court
  • Tomball City Municipal Court
  • Walker County Justice of the Peace Precinct 4
  • West University Place Municipal Court
  • Willis Municipal Court
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