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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Under federal law, it is illegal to discriminate against employees based on their sex or their sexual orientation. Unfortunately, the truth is that many workplaces still suffer from bias against certain sexual orientations and discrimination is still very possible.

If you suspect that you may have been a victim of sexual orientation discrimination in your workplace, you deserve to have a qualified lawyer to represent your case in Houston.

Do not let illegal sexual orientation discrimination slide. You deserve a fair and equitable workplace, no matter your sexual orientation, and we can help.

What Is Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination?

Any kind of discrimination in the workplace is unacceptable, but you may have a specific case if you can show that discrimination and maltreatment you received in your workplace was related to your sexual orientation.

Like many other kinds of discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination may be subtle. Cases of blatant discrimination are relatively rare. Instead, most discrimination cases involve patterns of subtly discriminatory behavior over time. This may include things like receiving a lower raise than coworkers despite better or similar performance metrics, being denied potential opportunities in the workplace after coming out as homosexual or bisexual, or patterns of strange or discriminatory behavior after coming out.

Discrimination based on your gender identity may also fall under this category or may provide additional evidence of a pattern of discrimination or a hostile work environment in some cases.

More overt actions of workplace discrimination may also qualify, even if the discriminatory behavior was not specifically directed at you. For instance, if you overheard your boss using a derogatory term for people of your sexual orientation during lunch, or at a business meeting, that may be grounds for a hostile workplace or discrimination suit. Your boss, or even coworkers, do not have to be talking about you specifically for their behavior to count as discriminatory.

Remember that discrimination may be as simple as being treated differently after coming out at work, or as drastic as being denied opportunities and actively harassed in the workplace. In either circumstance, you deserve to work with experienced attorneys who can represent your sexual orientation discrimination case in Houston.

How Are LGBTQ People Protected Under the Law?

Discrimination based on sexual orientation is protected under federal law. Under Title VII, employees are protected from discrimination based on their sex at work, while the 2020 decision, Bostock V. Clayton County extends Title VII discrimination protections to workers based on their sexual orientation in addition to their sex.

This may also be interpreted to protect against discrimination based on gender identity.

These protections mean that your employer and coworkers cannot discriminate against you in any way in the workplace based on your sex or sexual identity.

Is There A Time Limit to Workplace Sexual Orientation Discrimination Cases?

Yes, there is a time limit on when you can file a sexual orientation discrimination case. The EEOC handles Title VII cases and has a general time limit of 180 days from the incident to file your case. However, for some federal cases, you may have up to 300 days after the original incident to file a case.

Contact Leeds Law Firm as soon as possible so we can start building your case and collecting any additional evidence about a pattern of discrimination. That way you can bring your best possible case to court.

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