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Family Law

Family law is one of the most complicated and important kinds of law to practice. When it comes to family law, getting it right is critical not only for our clients but their whole families. That's why Leeds Law Firm focuses on making sure that we are working toward the best possible outcome for the whole family, using all of our knowledge and experience on every single case. If you are looking for an experienced family law attorney in Houston, Leeds Law Firm has you covered.

We cover a wide range of family law cases. No matter what your individual needs may be, Leeds Law Firm offers qualified and experienced professionals who can help.

Pre-Marital Agreements

Getting started with a marriage and building a family together can be an exciting time, but for many, it is also a stressful and worrying time. After all, creating a family often means blending resources, finances, and traditions in ways that can sometimes be difficult.

Pre-marital agreements, like pre-nuptial financial agreements or cohabitation agreements, might seem like a tool only used by the rich and powerful, but they can be useful for almost anyone. Having a pre-negotiated agreement helps set expectations and make sure you know what to expect in your new marriage. Our team can help you get started on the right foot and give you an even stronger foundation to build a life together.


The unfortunate truth is that not every marriage works. When it is time to formally end a partnership, there are often a lot of details to go over to separate your lives and assets so you can move forward as individuals. Divorce can get even more complicated when children, pets, and joint financial assets like a home mortgage are involved.

Our attorneys are experienced with family law in Houston and can help make sure your divorce is handled as efficiently as possible. The sooner you seek representation, the more likely you will be able to get a practical and equitable divorce. We can help in cases of amicable divorce as well as when there is a lot of tension and difficult decisions need to be made.

Child Custody

Deciding who can best care for the health and wellbeing of a child is never easy and making custody arrangements between separated partners is often difficult. You deserve to have a compassionate, experienced, and effective attorney on your side when you are deciding child custody cases.

At Leeds Law Firm, we always prioritize the health and happiness of children and families. We will be able to help you find a balanced and fair child custody solution that fully addresses the situation and everyone’s needs.


Modifications to child custody arrangements are often tricky areas to navigate in the law. At Leeds Law Firm we prioritize the best interests of your children. When it is time to modify existing custody arrangements we will fight to make sure you and your children’s needs are fairly addressed, so that reasonable custody accommodations can be made.

Enforcement of Visitation

Sometimes after a divorce, an ex-spouse may violate your visitation rights. If you need to enforce your court-ordered visitation rights, you need a skilled Houston family law attorney that knows how to navigate the Court to make sure your visitation rights are respected and enforced. You also need an experience Houston family law attorney that know what remedies are available to you, if your visitation rights have been violated.

Client Reviews
Mr. Leeds worked hard to get my case dismissed! I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know. Marshawn G.
Attorney Leeds stuck by my side until the end and didn't give up until we got the case dismissed. I would highly recommend him! Larry H.
Great Attorney! Helped me get my cases resolved so I could move on with my life. I really appreciate attorney Leeds, he's a good dude. Would highly recommend. Charlie Ho