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Family Law Modifications

Post Decree Modifications

Too often our society treats divorce as a one-time event and acts as if the decisions made during your initial divorce proceedings cannot be altered or updated to reflect the complexities of life. The truth is a little different. If your circumstances have changed since your divorce, you may be eligible for reasonable post-decree modifications that reflect where you are now instead of where you were when you first got divorced.

If you aree looking for a qualified and experienced lawyer that can help you petition for post-decree modifications to your divorce in Houston, Leeds Law firm can help.

Child Custody Modifications

Child custody is often one of the aspects of divorce cases that get revisited the most. It makes sense that you might need to re-negotiate child custody since jobs, living situations, and other aspects of your original custody agreement can change frequently. Even disagreements over decisions about your child's welfare and health may be cause to revisit child custody and childcare arrangement with your ex-spouse. As with any case involving children, Leeds Law Firm is happy to step in and represent you and the best interests of your children.

Parenting Agreements, Decision Making, And Parenting Time
Custody often is not the only agreement that needs to be reached in a divorce. There are a wide range of circumstances where you might want to request changes to an existing parenting agreement, modifications to how joint decision making happens, or to the amount of time each parent has with their children. Leeds Law Firm can help with parenting agreement modifications in the Houston area.

Modification of Maintenance

If your original divorce included spousal maintenance or alimony, and your situation has since changed, it may be necessary to revisit that agreement. For instance, if you have changed jobs and can no longer afford the amount of the original payment, you may be able to lower your maintenance payment through modification.

On the other hand, if you are receiving maintenance payments as part of a divorce and have recently improved your financial standing, you may want to lower those maintenance payments to make things easier for your ex-spouse, especially if you are in a blended family or still on good terms with your ex-spouse.

Motions To Reopen Property Division

Motions to reopen property divisions give you a chance to re-negotiate property division in cases where the original list of assets was incomplete or falsified, including by misstatements or omission. In these cases, you may be able to get additional assets since the original decision did not account for the monetary and sentimental value of omitted assets.

Modifications are often complicated, and it can take quite a while to re-negotiate the modification, especially if your divorce was not amicable in the first place. Do not let the challenge of bringing a modification petition intimidate you though, you deserve a fair divorce settlement and representation that will work with you and help you get what you deserve.

Leeds Law Firm can help you petition for post-decree divorce modifications in the Houston area. Do not wait, contact us so we can start working on your modification case today.

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