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Enforcement of Visitation Rights

Child custody cases often have a lot of complications, including things like childcare decision-making and visitation rights. Enforcing those details can sometimes be difficult and you may need to get a qualified family law attorney on your side to help with the enforcement of visitation rights.

Child’s Best Interests

When it comes to divorce and child custody cases, the Court is always going to work in the best interests of the child or children involved. This means that courts take it seriously when visitation rights are violated because they have determined that having visitation rights with the parent is in the child’s best interest. We suggest having representation from an experienced family law attorney in Houston to have your visitation rights enforced. It is important to know how to petition the Court for enforcement and to have someone on your side that knows what the process looks like who can help guide you through it.

Think Your Visitation Rights May Have Been Violated?

If you are not seeing your child according to your court-order visitation rights, your visitation rights are being violated. There are a lot of ways visitation rights may have been violated, both intentionally and unintentionally:

  • Cutting visits short, especially when no reason is given
  • Failing to allow visits as scheduled
  • The other parent intentionally scheduling appointments during visitation
  • Not having visitation on planned holidays/birthdays
  • Ignoring efforts to re-schedule visitation
  • Ignoring communication regarding visitation
  • An established pattern of interfering with visitation

Practically speaking, it takes more than missing a single visitation appointment to prove that your visitation rights are being violated. Courts tend to look for a pattern of behavior before they are willing to enforce visitation rights.

How Are Visitation Rights Enforced?

Once you’ve established a pattern of denying visitation rights, you might be wondering how visitation rights are enforced and whether it is worth pursuing a visitation case.

There is a wide range of ways courts may work to enforce visitation rights. Usually, the court will try to use the least obtrusive method of enforcing visitation since that protects both parent and child. The goal is for life to continue as normal as much as possible.

Visitation rights may be enforced by:

  • Changing or clarifying visitation plans
  • Increasing the amount of visitation mandated
  • Insisting on visitation at a neutral location
  • Court scheduling visitation
  • Charging the parent violating the visitation order with contempt of court
  • Changing the child custody arrangement
  • Approving make-up visitation time

Courts may also choose to start with one method to enforce child visitation rights and then move up to increasingly more drastic options if necessary. Regardless of how the court chooses to handle your case, you deserve to have skilled family law lawyers on your side for any visitation rights case in Houston. Leeds Law Firm can help.

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