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Employment Law

With the right legal representation, you will find out that there are many laws available to you to ensure you assert and protect all of your workplace and employment legal rights. There are various state and federal laws that have been created to allow people to take legal action against employers or former employers who have wrongfully terminated, demoted, or refused to promote them because of membership in a protected class. The protected classes are race, religion, disability (or association with a close family member with a disability), gender (including pregnancy discrimination and sexual orientation), age (over 40 years old) and color. There are also anti-retaliation laws available to employees who have exercised their rights under the Family Medical Leave Act to care for themselves or a sick family member. Additionally, Texas law protects injured employees who report a work-related injury, file a workers’ compensation claim and subsequently face retaliation.

In addition to laws prohibiting discrimination, retaliation and harassment of employees, there are also laws to protect employees from violations of wage requirements, such as overtime compensation and minimum wage. To work and not receive all the pay earned or owed to you under the law is unacceptable and if you are a victim of such illegal behavior, legal representation may be the key to getting the past wages you earned but never received. You want to contact an experienced employment law attorney as you may be able to get additional money if it is proved that the employer willfully violated wage and hour laws.

At Leeds Law Firm, we advocate for our clients with employment discrimination, harassment, and retaliation claims as well as overtime and minimum wage violations and peel back the layers of lies that your employer may be using to cover up actual illegal behaviors. The process to make sure your rights are protected can be complex: from the timely filing of a Charge of Discrimination with the appropriate federal or state agency to the litigation of your case in state or federal court. There are various different approaches that you can take in asserting your rights when facing an employment law issue. However, in order to do so, it is best to have legal representation so that an attorney can explain your options, explain the applicable laws, come up with a game plan and execute the course of action that is best for you and will get you the most favorable result possible.

If you are in the Houston area and need a skilled, tough employment attorney, please contact us at Leeds Law Firm so that we can begin working on your case today. We offer personalized and direct communication with an attorney that is so important in these cases as they are extremely fact sensitive and can involve years of work history. Keep in mind, employment cases have very important deadlines or statute of limitations.

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Mr. Leeds worked hard to get my case dismissed! I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know. Marshawn G.
Attorney Leeds stuck by my side until the end and didn't give up until we got the case dismissed. I would highly recommend him! Larry H.
Great Attorney! Helped me get my cases resolved so I could move on with my life. I really appreciate attorney Leeds, he's a good dude. Would highly recommend. Charlie Ho