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Age Discrimination

Usually wisdom and discernment comes with advanced age. Older, or as we like to call them at Leeds Law Firm, “more seasoned” employees have been around the proverbial block a few times. More seasoned workers have seen and experienced many different situations in the workplace over the course of their careers. When it comes to the workplace, nothing usually surprises the more seasoned worker; and often more seasoned workers have witnessed discrimination in the workplace before. Unfortunately, employees who are age 40 or older may be discriminated against in the workplace being passed over for promotions for positions they are more than qualified for or terminated due to a discriminatory and incorrect assumption that they are not “sharp “ enough to remain in the workforce. If you notice any negative action being taken against you in the workplace and you think age may be a motivating factor in the employer’s negative actions or discriminatory behavior, contact a Houston employment lawyer experienced in age discrimination cases to help you understand your rights and inform you of what action you can take.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older. Age discrimination involves treating an employee less favorably because of his or her age or discriminating against an employee taking negative actions against him/her because of age related bias. Some examples of discriminatory behaviors or illegal actions that may violate the ADEA include offensive or derogatory remarks about a person's age, failing to promote or hire a worker 40 years of age or older who is qualified for the job because of his/her age, making comments that an older employer should retire or quit because he/she is too old to work when the employee is qualified and has no intentions to end his/her employment.

Have you noticed negative remarks being said about the older employees at your job? Are certain trainings and workshops limited to the younger workers? Are disparaging remarks being made about your technology skills? If you notice any of these actions, and have also been demoted, passed over for a promotion, not hired for a job, or terminated from your current job you may have experienced illegal age discrimination. It may be in your best interest to contact a Houston employment lawyer that can listen to your story and discuss all of your rights under the law.

Maybe you see that your workplace is becoming increasingly younger. As you look around you notice that your colleagues that are around your age are slowly, but surely, disappearing and being replaced by significantly younger workers. Or, perhaps you notice that you keep getting passed over for a promotion, despite being more than qualified; while the younger workers are getting promoted left and right. Or, maybe your role and responsibilities are being decreased; while a younger colleague in your department is experiencing an increase in their role and responsibilities. Age discrimination in the workplace is illegal and if you experience it, you may have a case. If you are in the Houston area and think you may be a victim of age discrimination, contact Leeds Law Firm to speak with an experienced employment lawyer. Knowing your rights is the first step and an important one.

Employers have several possible reasons for discriminatorily favoring younger workers. For example, most employers realize that they can pay a younger employee less money than they pay an older employee. This is because the older employee usually has a lot more experience than the younger employee. Also, employers feel like they will get a better return on investment from the training that they put into a younger employee. Furthermore, employers think that the older employees will probably use more health benefits than a younger employee; which costs the company more money. Additionally, employers feel that younger employees are better at adapting to changes in the workplace; and possess better technology skills than older workers.

A specific Supreme Court decision in 2009 has made proving age discrimination cases more difficult. That is why you need an experienced age discrimination attorney on your side to help you prove your case. Employers are becoming increasingly savvy in the reasons that they give to try to cover up age discrimination. However, if you feel that you have been a victim of age discrimination, please contact our office. Contact Leeds Law Firm and have a discussion about your situation with a Houston employment lawyer. We can ask you the proper questions to evaluate your situation and see if it is a case that we can represent you in.

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